After Making GTA V Free; Epic Games Store Crashed

Epic Games Store, Digital Video Game Marketplace, 14. On May, the highly popular game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) was listed for free. Shortly after the game went free online, a surge in users led to heavy traffic leading to a slowdown and error messages on the Epic Store website and the Launcher app. Epic acknowledged the issues and said that it is working on fixing them. According to the most recent tweet from the Epic Games Store official account, most users should be able to access the Epic Games Store and Launcher. Additionally, a post by Reddit stated that the next set of free games coming to the Epic Store may have already leaked.

The Epic Games Store often offers free games in the form of ‘Mystery Games’ that users can download and keep forever. This time, it held Grand Theft Auto V as a free game until May 21, and naturally, a large number of people reached the online store website and the launcher app to get the game. This caused heavy traffic on Epic’s servers, causing slowdowns, errors and Epic Games Launcher crashes. Even though it is 7 years old due to the popularity of GTA V, a bunch of users still want to download the game as it is no surprise. GTA V is also available for free in India and you have until 21 May to download the game and keep it forever.

In a tweet soon after users reported the issues, Epic acknowledged the problems and said it was working on a fix. This was followed by another tweet stating that some users were still facing some issues. Finally, as of the morning of May 15, the company shared that it had “deployed updates to provide solutions for these issues” and that most users should be able to access Epic Games Store’s website and launcher. “If we are facing further problems then we will continue to monitor traffic and provide updates. Thank you for your continued patience! “, Added to the tweet.

In addition, an image shared on Reddit leaks the upcoming free game to the Epic Games store. These include Civilization 6 coming on 21 May, Borderlands – Handsome Collection on 28 May, and ARK Survival Evaluation expected on 4 June. These three games are very popular and if this leak goes right then many people will once again come to the Epic Games store.

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