How To Create a Telegram Channel

Hello, friends here we are learning about how to create a telegram channel on Android. Here I am teaching you about creating a telegram channel in easy ways and understandable language. If you find any problem in understanding or in any steps you can surely comment down below I will definitely replay you with the solution.

Telegram Channel

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app widely used in the world. It is easy to use messaging application. Telegram has many other interesting features that are useful for the content creator and for business purposes. One of these is creating a channel which can be useful for delivering the content to the audience or members.

How to create a Telegram Channel

The steps for how to create a telegram channel are given below, which can help you to create the channel without any error. Follow the steps below:

Step 1:- Open Telegram app

Open Telegram App

Step 2:- Click on three dots. It will find you in the left upper side. OR Just swipe at the right side.

Click On Three Dots

Step 3:- Click on the Create Channel option.

Click On Create Channel

Step 4:- Enter your channel’s name, upload a logo for your channel and give a brief description of your channel.

Add Logo, Channel Name and Description

Step 5:- Select your channel type. There are two types of telegram channel which is Public Channel and Private Channel.

Select Channel Type

Public Channel: Public channel can find in search and anyone can join it. If you want to make your channel public then choose the first type of channel and choose the permanent link for your channel. It is a unique link and can be similar to your channel’s name if available. This link will help the people to reach your channel.

Private Channel: Private channel is only joined by the link and you can easily block that link.

That’s all the steps of creating a telegram channel.

After creating the channel you have the option of inviting people to join your telegram channel or become a member of your channel.

All Done! Now you just need to provide awesome content on your channel and increase your channel’s members.

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