TikTok Rating Drops in TikTok vs YouTube Controversy

A dispute between two content creators for the video-sharing platform YouTube and TikTok has now snowballed into a massive controversy after a video has been decided to be taken. The video was uploaded by a YouTube influencer and given examples of alleged cyberbullying. After the video was removed, supporters of YouTube’s influencer insisted on the Google Play Store to revise their ratings and the end result is clear for all to see. TikTok rating on the Google Play Store has dropped from a high of 4.6 to 2. At the time of writing this report, the TikTok rating on the Play Store is 1.3.

TikTok Rating Drops in TikTok vs YouTube

In addition, TikTok Lite, a lighter version that works on lower-end smartphones, has seen a drastic drop in ratings – now at 1.1 stars. India is currently the fastest-growing market for TikTok and has 200 million monthly active users.

In response to the controversy, Tiktok has stated that they are working to secure their platform on a priority basis. A spokesman for Tickcock told Times Now, “Keeping people safe at Tikkok is a top priority, and we make it clear in our ‘Term of Service and Community Guidelines’ that what is not acceptable on our platform is clearly The outline is. As per policy, we as per policy. Do not allow content that endangers the safety of others, increases physical harm. Waa, or glorifies violence against women. “

He continued, “The behavior in question violates our guidelines, and we have taken down the content, suspended the account, and are working appropriately with law enforcement agencies.”

What is YouTube vs TikTok?

The entire controversy began when TeakTalk content creator Aamir Siddiqui posted an Instagram video calling for YouTubers to reduce TeakTalk content. YouTube content creator CarryMinati or Ajay Nagar made a video while watching Aamir’s video, which was in violation of the platform’s terms of service. The video broke the record for the fastest views by millions of views and an Indian YouTube content producer.

After the video was taken down, CarryMinati fans created a trend of #RoastNahiFryKarunga and #BanTikTok on Twitter. In addition, hashtags such as #BanTikTokInIndia, #TikTokdown, #TikTokexposed were also trending on micro-blogging platforms.

The recent call for Tiktok ban on objectionable content
In recent news, Tittock got into another controversy after uploading a video by another producer which showed an apparent acid attack. TikTok India has been directed by the National Commission for Women to immediately remove a video that shows a man throwing a liquid at a woman. The women’s panel has also asked the Maharashtra Police to take action against the account holder of the video.

“The Commission is seriously concerned about the rise in crimes against women and the video not only promotes violence against women but also depicts the patriarchal mindset, through this video created by Faizal Siddiqui on Tik Will give a very wrong message to the society.

TikTok India stated, “Promoting a safe and positive environment for Tiktok is our top priority. Our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines clearly outline what is and isn’t acceptable. We expect users to Time will follow these policies. ” In a social media post.

“Over the past few days, we have taken action on several pieces of content that violate our policies. We have taken action, including taking content, suspending accounts of related users, and working with law enforcement agencies when appropriate.”

Tiktok has suspended the account of one Faizal Siddiqui after his video went viral for glorifying acid attacks on women.

In its harassment policy in December 2019, YouTube stated, “Over the past several years we have worked to improve the way we manage content on YouTube when it violates our ‘Community Guidelines, disseminating borderline content Reduces, enhances. When people want to break news and information and reward trusted creators and artists who give YouTube a special place Yes, official voices arise. “

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